The Courage of Forgiveness: The Other Side of 911

The Courage of Forgiveness: The Other Side of 911

The hole left at Ground Zero stands as a reminder of the hole left in the heart of our nation when innocent people were taken from us - and a wound was imprinted on our national soul.

Listening to Paul Simon sing Sounds of Silence at Ground Zero seems eerily appropriate. While our family thought of the families that were left without loved ones from the tragedy, it was a coincidence that the scripture passages read at Church today were about how important it is to forgive our enemies and those who owe us large debts.

There was a story of a woman who went to an intuitive and the intuitive said, "There are a few man dressed in garb from the Middle East...I think they are Muslim. They are kneeling at your feet and saying 'thank you'. Who can these men be?" The woman turned many shades of red as she quietly said, "Those are the terrorists for whom I prayed every day since 9/11."

As an intuitive myself, no matter who is sitting in front of me, no matter what choices they have made in their lives, I am able to see with compassionate neutrality how they came to their choices. From their heart and mind, from their defenses and map of reality, their actions do make sense - no matter how senseless they appear from without.

When we cannot get inside the minds of others, forgiveness is an act of courage and mercy. What I know from doing thousands of intuitive readings is that without forgiveness, growth is stunted and no one moves on.

When I worked as a medium and contacted a man who was murdered in a drive by shooting (mistaken identity) his daughter wanted to know if he could give any clues as to how to bring his killer to justice. Her dad said, "Now that he killed my body, we are karmically connected...that gives me the opportunity to find a way to help him love himself and erase his fear that he is unlovable."

And THAT is an eternal perspective on love, mercy and justice.



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