Angels in Waiting

Angels in Waiting

My client, Mary, said she was frustrated that, while she loves helping friends and neighbors alike, she gets tired often. She wanted to know how to maintain her energy so she can be of greater service.

In the Intuitive Reading, I saw how sensitive she is to everyone's needs. She Knows when someone is lonely or hungry or sad - even if they look well groomed and perfectly happy on the outside.

Grateful for the opportunity to be of service, Mary helps a great many people by asking angels to attend to their needs.

At one point she was bedraggled by all that she was doing for others. She sensed an angel close by, just as she was feeling discouraged and unwell. Here's what occurred to her:

"I'm so sorry that I'm not well enough to direct that angel to someone in need!" Mary was self disappointed and angry that she could not be more helpful...and she could not even see she was the one in need.

It never dawned on her to ask the angel to help her! The angel, herself, was a little impatient, as she could not help Mary unless Mary used her free will to ask.

Exhaustion can be the simple result of forgetting to ask for help from those who are in front of you - whose joy it would be to offer it.


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