Money and Happiness

Money and Happiness

A client of mine has been watching Wall Street with great horror as the news goes from bad to worse. He has unwittingly been investing loads of energy looking back at the good old days and worrying about his financial future. He said, "It feels like 'the Bernie Madoff mindset' is still running our country." Not only that, but he is upset about Europe's financial crisis as well.

Jim obviously isn't alone in his preoccupation with the dismantling of our financial landscape. However, while prudent financial awareness and investment are important, so is energetic awareness and investment.

We can still invest wisely by consciously considering our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and blessings - with the intent to share our talents and gifts generously; receive the return on our investment and others' generosity with grace and humility; and assure the energy of fear does not dictate the quality of our lives...because if enough of us remain discouraged, we are also contributing to the collective imagination for our potential  future.

My sister, Laura Rowley, was Yahoo's financial expert for six years and wrote a book called Money and Happiness. In her last column before she moved to The Huffington Post, she said she has learned that while important,  "money is something you should kind of watch from the corner of your eye while you live your real life. You obviously can't take it with you, and when someone writes the homily of your life, they're more apt to remember your attitude, character, creativity and spirit of generosity, than what you did or didn't do with your money or how much of it you had....remember it's important, but it's not everything."

Amen, Sister.

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