Clearing Out the Past

The Earth is demonstrating what is required to evolve in our next steps in life. How?

Anyone been feeling "the earth move under their feet"?  How about the golf ball size hail that pounded Chicago streets in 90 degree weather a few weeks ago? Have y0u been tuned into the drought in Ethiopia? Did you hear about the rebels success in overrunning Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli?

Chaos, loss and destruction of the familiar is everywhere.

If you have anything in the closet - forgiveness you need to give; cleaning up of the past that is waiting for your sorting; things you need to say to a certain person to complete or close a journey; vetting feelings that have been stored is the time to do it.

Focusing on next steps or visualizing a positive future without addressing the challenging parts of ourselves, our work, or relationships will not bring the change we seek. The clients I am seeing now are concerned with dying loved ones, dying parts of their life, significant upheaval and reconstruction. We will not lose time or money in our progress or plans if we take time out now to work out the stuckness from our past.

Putting band-aides on and cheerfully moving on isn't good enough. Cleaning out our psyches creates room for new birth.  If we choose to do our human homework right now, we can construct a future that has promise and the wisdom of our lessons learned.

Just do it!

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