Robert Scherer Defines Heartfelt Leadership

Last week I said, "Mom, I'm going to ask Bobbie if I can visit her in Ohio next Wednesday." Bobbie is a gracious hostess, extending every kindness. She remains sensitive to everyone else's comfort, even as she has been tending to her husband's care for over six months in hospice at home.  Bobbie has always been her unpretentious, positive, prayerful self - a significant role model for me, her younger sister by two years.

When Bobbie married Bob as she was completing University, the whole family thought is was great that they had matching names. Little did we know that they also had an inspiring ability to complement each other's strengths - and that they would do that through five healthy, gifted children, and 37 years of marriage.

Bob's engineering talent was trumped only by his love for every single person's heartfelt success and happiness in the process of working hard and with great focus. As he designed ways to meet his company's aggressive quality and production goals, he assured that everyone understood how they could "win" personally and professionally; and then he helped them acheive that win...often doing a little extra in their name. Bobbie and Bob organized company picnics and events that assured a warm, encouraging, and inclusive work community.

It seems only right that their last name, Scherer, is pronounced "Share". Their children also exemplify their last name, and are a testament to what is possible in an attentively loving family.

So it is with great sadness that I learned that my intuition about Wednesday of this week was accurate. I will indeed be with Bobbie - and the rest of my family - for Bob's funeral.

As I close my eyes, I can see Bob joyfully throwing the basketball to a teammate, who then triumphantly throws it through the hoop. Bob has no more worries that brain cancer will slow his game. As he did in this life, Bob is helping others "win" through his uniquely inspiring gifts that empower and encourage others. How blessed we are that his presence continues!

Bob, you define "heartfelt leadership". You are remembered always with love and gratitude.

Be Joyfully Home.

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