Kids Increasing Intuitive Intelligence

You may have noticed that kids seem to be increasingly more intelligent at younger kidding! I interviewed a woman who works with highly gifted kids and she said that more than a few children she is now assessing are above 250 IQ -with 160 being considered genius level.

One tween I worked with in the Jedi Camps that helped kids develop a strong foundation for learning about their intuitive gifts, talked about the frequencies she can see. Her father, Jason Seidon, decided to support El 100% in her learning, rather than resist what seemed like foreign territory at first.  Here's a video link so you can see El's precocious nature for yourself.

The last child I worked with found that her dark voices and phobias could become fodder for creative work, such as Poetry Slams. She has since stopped cutting herself and now is happily engaged in investing her former "depression" into musical and poetic "expressions."

If you know a kid who seems depressed, ask them to locate where in their bodies the parts of them that get them down live - because they each have a specific location. Once located, ask the child to richly describe it and then to write, dance, sing, paint, or otherwise express that part and its responses to simple probes, like, "What is important about your being here now?"

Listening into the hidden voices is what intuitive intelligence is all about. The more we seek to understand our hidden voices, the richer our lives and the greater our contribution to others!

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