From Social Media to Telepathy

Social media is quickly becoming the newest form of power in our society.

In the 80’s, power was information. In the 90’s, power was technology. In the millennium, power is the knowledge and practice of strategic reach, connection, and integrated messaging and communication.

Content that used to make it into books is now being written across platforms to make it accessible to everyone. The Huffington Post has bloggers who give their content to teams who spread it visually, through apps and to other strategic channels. If you are Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Twitter literate, to name a few examples, (meaning you can utilize the basics of these portals), you are ready to learn about the way that messaging can be streamed through all platforms for highest impact…

And after we learn to do that, we will, I believe, let go of all the training wheels…and just go for telepathy. It’s easier, less expensive, and direct to the user.

That’s the 2020 platform of power.

While the idea of using telepathy as a common communication platform sounds all fantasy, telepathy is an intuitive intelligence that anyone can cultivate. Women in midlife are particularly attuned to use this power because they have moved through stages of proving themselves,  looking for others' approval and meeting others' expectations. Why is this helpful?

Successful telepathy requires a heart connection to the one with whom you want to communicate, and a neutrality that allows whatever information that wants to comes through to do so - unobstructed by interpretation, judgment, conclusion or emotional attachment. Midlife women have the very clarity and no nonsense receptivity that allows just such exchanges.




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