Four Ways to Strengthen Your Boundaries

Boundaries define what gets in and what stays out. You might notice that there is a lot that you might want to keep out these days! If you find yourself feeling angry a lot, it may be because you do not feel entitled to your boundaries and you feel you must fight to keep others out. Anger is often a substitute for creating healthy boundaries. Here are four ways you can strengthen your energetic boundaries that help you feel more entitled to them in relationships:

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1. Consciously separate your energy from others using three steps upon waking or going to sleep:
a.  Feel a strong connection with the earth as a partner and support to your particular   
     journey - imagining Her helping you move toward resources and people that
     synchronistically assist you. 
b . Ask all energies that are not yours to move out of your space and into the Light.
c.  Ask all energies that are yours that you have left with others or in other places to    
     return so that you own all your power now  
  2. Stretch your arms out in both directions and then imagine a safe, secure, Light bubble 
       covering this diameter around your body. This is your space - all yours. Then say: "Today, I
       will send out love and remain powerful in my space, allowing no one's energy to enter 
       mine. (with the exception of your children who are age seven or under who should stay)
  3. When you are entering a room of people, imagine a net of Light coming from the ceiling 
       and gently enfolding everyone in the room, keeping them safe and bounded by their own 
       energy, as you stay conscious of your own. Ask for everyone's highest good to be done.
  4.  Imagine your energy in different ways: a) being so small that it is bundled inside you. b) 
       let it expand to the corners of the room, and c) bring it in about two feet around you. Feel 
       which of these is familiar and which is comfortable. If your energy is the size of the room, 
       you are much more likely to pick up others feelings and/or thoughts. If it is bundled inside 
       you, people may not notice you or your work. Keeping it two feet around you is the act of 
       staying responsible for your own energy. Play with it, learn, and find what works for you.
As it turns out,Boarder Patrol is as important for countries as it is for personal relationships. Remember that all of life and how you respond to others is a choice - make yours a conscious one!

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