Take My Tears and Free the Children

depressed teen.jpg

In the Intuitive Kids' Camp that is now ongoing at Heaven Meets Earth yoga studio in Evanston, tween and teens are learning that they are not disordered - but gifted in very particular ways. One teen walked out of the very first class and smiled, saying with disbelief: "You told me I'm gifted..." I was appalled that she should be 16 years old and never told about her giftedness!

One teen said, "I am a depressed teen." It was such a declaration that eventually it came out that a psychiatrist had told him that directly. So he labelled himself with this statement as a mantra, as if correctly expressing his nature. And he believed it.

"I am" is a very powerful attractor field. If you say "I AM" anything, you will most certainly attract more of that.
I said to him, "You are a beloved, powerful being of Light who came to this earth to celebrate your Light and  express it in service - as only you can do. You feel other people's denied feelings and you think they are yours. You are not depressed. They are in denial. And you feel their suffering. You are trying to heal them by holding onto their unspoken angst and grief. Give them back their feelings with love, and then remember yourself as Light." 
We did many exercises that helped the tweens and teens learn how to ground and how find their center - so that they don't take on others' feelings - even their psychiatrists' projections.
Sometimes the pain in these children bring me to tears. I dedicate those tears to freeing them from the bondage of our labels and our misperception of them as weak, sick, and small. 
Whatever child you know, please tell them they are gifted and how you see them as gifted so that they are encouraged to see themselves in a way that emboldens their spirit! 

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