Conscious Capitalism

The Conscious Business Network is a place for colleagues to explore what is possible beyond even the best current ideas, and to connect to the next level of potential in relationship and work. 

In We First, author Simon Mainwaring insists it is time for business to become the driver for transforming capitalism - by honoring purpose, values, mutual self interest, and sustainability through business transactions not as an after-profit consideration.
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The more conscious we become, the more we are aware of the importance of relationship - whether that is relationship with our inner knowing; relationship with spirits in between worlds, or relationship to our communities and global neighbors. Consciousness is about understanding a web of inclusion, where, as scientists have confirmed, one cell can reproduce the whole.
2012 is the beginning of our awareness that, from the smallest to the mightiest, from the invisible to the visible, we are One world. As this awareness increases, we can better integrate our creations so that the whole is served.
Simon has done just this in his groundbreaking work. He reviews the mess we have made of our planet because of narrow self-interest. He sees the increasingly global consumer mindset that is the larger representation of that self-interest. And in this mess, he sees the creative potential we have as individuals and in the marketplace.
His book is a imaginative and creative response to this unfortunate set of circumstances as the possibility for enhanced and conscious marketplace engagement - through social media. I hope you will join us at our next Conscous Business Network meeting on May 11th at Primitive to hear him and add your experience and imagination to the conversation!

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