An Intuitive Response to Osama bin Laden's Death

If you are an intuitive, today, with the announcement of Osama bin Laden's death, you can feel a collective out-breath from those who were touched by 911, and those who wanted justice for a man who openly rejoiced in the destruction of innocents. 

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At the same time, if you are an intuitive who is emotionally open, there are a hundred other emotions you can feel on the collective field. There are those who will mourn their relatives for the first time as a result of this trigger, and others who will remember and feel their loss all over again. There will be national pride and then the fear of retaliation, There will be rejoicing mixed with sadness, mixed with resolve to keep fighting. 

If you are a meditator, I urge you to open to Source and blessing and, as you feel held in that Light, create a conscious container for all these feelings. As you picture people from all over the world with their individual responses to this iconic event, allow them to dissolve in the Light, asking for peace. The Middle East will have its own responses to the loss of bin Laden's symbolic leadership - and as we are taught to pray for our enemies, pray for their peace as well.
Protect your children who are intuitively open by consciously praying with them for those who lost loved ones in 911 and for the perpetrators. The more that we teach our children that: everyone has their side to the story; that there are consequences for our actions; and that there is still forgiveness because we are all One, the better able they will be to cope with the myriad of feelings they may encounter.
It is a day of mixed blessing for all of us.

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