Let's Face It - and Stay

After a recent Intuitive Reading, a client felt more empowered to face challenges in her life. She said, "This woman at work is in everyone's space; she is obnoxious; and I think she consciously works at sabotaging others. Her boss is completely oblivious and gives her everything she wants! Now that I feel like I can stand up to her, what should I do?" 

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"If she's behaving that aggressively, she must be really sad and scared inside," I replied. "Why don't you dedicate the healing your feel you received in this Reading to her and send love right into the vulnerable part of her that lurks beneath her poor choices." 

She stopped dead in her tracks..."but..." Then she thought about it again. "That's the opposite of what I thought you were going to say and the opposite of what I want to do...but I guess that's right."
"If she receives your unlikely intent for her, you are doubly blessed - because you have the opportunity to see someone reconnect to their heart and it comes back to you."
Defenses and "bad behavior" are the result of not finding the courage to Face It and STAY with uncomfortable feelings. Defenses make us feel more powerful than the vulnerable part that is actually sad or scared. 
So today, I said, "hello" to the part of me that wanted to run away from my discomfort and distract myself with "important things". I found that staying with a part that wants to run away is not that easy. I just kept breathing and saying, "I'll stay with you." And guess what happened? The fear under the part who wanted to run showed up....it was even harder to stay with that guy! 
And I stayed anyway, because today is my birthday and I wanted to tell myself that I have a friend in me. It still wasn't easy, but when I stayed, and then I cried, I found that everything changed...and I didn't know why. And it didn't matter.
Particularly in this culture, staying is a highly undervalued skill!

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