Know Any "Old Soul" Kids?

If you know anyone from ages 8-18 who is quirky, different, really bright and unconventional, or has intuitive gifts, please tell them to join us at Intuitive Kids Leadership Camp - which starts this Sunday afternoon at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio in Evanston. 

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This past weekend, I worked with Rick, a 16 year old whose gift is a particular kind of intuition - he is a medium. But, Rick didn't know how to handle his gift. He saw dead people, he gave messages from the Other Side. But his Mom called because Rick felt like a dark entity overtook him and despite his best efforts he was overcome. His projects at school were sabotaged by his behavior.

When I Read Rick's energy, it was clear, but I saw fire around him. A story emerged from within the fire from "another life". In the image, Rick happened by a place and saw smoke. He ran in when he heard screams in opposite directions. He decided to run toward the woman's voice. Just as the fiery walls fell down, he was able to pull the woman out and then he caught the eye of the man he did not choose. This man was horrifically angry - apparently he didn't like the woman and felt he deserved to be saved more than she did. Rick felt terrible as he saw this man burn to death and blamed himself for not finding a way to save both of them. In that lifetime, he could never get the man's face out of his mind.
This was the dark entity that was still following him. Rick was allowing it because he felt guilty and that he deserved to somehow be punished for not saving him. We changed that contract and asked for the man to go to the Light. He did not want to, but we said prayers for him anyway. I gave Rick a lot of tools and perspectives so he left feeling more in control of his gift.
It turns out that Rick has been obsessed with wanting to be a fireman. Hmmmm....

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