Four Ways to Give Voice to Your Hidden Wisdom

"I feel stuck." Fran said, "How do I step out of the box I'm in if this box is all I know?"

"What a great question, Fran!," I said, "Intuitive Readings are the way most familiar to me, but I think new paths are forged by finding and listening to hidden parts of yourself."
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"Great, Einstein," she replied, "but how do I do that?" "Right," I said, "You want something more...concrete?" After she glared at me a moment, I thought about it.

Voices in the unconscious mind that contain wisdom hang out in our blind spots, so they aren't available to the everyday thinking mind. How can we get to the invisible wisdom lurking behind our everyday conscious voices? The few ideas below swirled around in my head - and then I came across something absolutely phenomenal that is available to EVERYONE.
Three Ways to Make  Invisible Parts Visible
  1. Ask a question to yourself, like: "What path would bring me the greatest peace/joy/etc.?
Then get some old magazines out and start pulling out random pictures and words without asking yourself why you are drawn to them. Paste or tape them to a big piece of paper and hang it on your fridge. That is like your unconscious mind answering your question in code. Let your art sit there staring back at you for a week or so, and then write or talk about it to a friend as if you knew what it meant all the time, making it all up as you go. Then your conscious and unconscious mind are talking with each other, making the invisible visible.
2. Write down the same questions before you go to sleep, picturing the questions in your mind as you doze off. 
Then write down any dreams you remember, without evaluating what they could mean. After several days, go back and read the dreams, becoming each part of the objects or persons in the dream and expressing what happened from their perspective. See if the response to your question arises as you do that.

3. Use your normal writing hand to record the question 

Put the pen in the other hand and start writing, without thinking about whether what you are writing makes sense. Go on and on and on and don't pick up the pen until the end of the page. Then read it and see if there is an answer you didn't expect.
- with a "how to" built right into is worth every second of your time!!!
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