Feminine Pleasure

When those two words "feminine pleasure" are put next to each other, what comes to your mind? Most women think it refers to good sex. It is amazing how narrow our definition is of "pleasure for women"! Not so for Mama Gena. This woman has a very interesting theory. 

Mama Gena says that the masculine energy cannot come fully into its right place of power on the planet until the feminine is filled up - with pleasure and joy. She defines "pleasure" by several different measures. At Mama Gena's School for Womanly Arts, women are invited to co-explore what being a woman is and can be all about. 
My first thought was to put it on the list after the 25 items on my checklist of responsibilities. Then I realized that that was the point. Women have no time for celebrating the feminine and burn out is, therefore, inevitable.
I hear you have to be between the ages of 18 and 108 to join. So if you are nearing that 100 mark, or feeling about that 100 mark, as I sometimes do, yet still long to feel alive and sensual, contact, the Mama!

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