Connecting with Conscious Business Professionals

The Conscious Business Network that is meeting at the Primitive next Thursday night from 6-8:30pm is a powerful way to make connections that can put you at ease almost immediately. 

While Social networks give us a thousand ways to connect in an intimate way to almost anyone we've ever met - former peers from our industry, academic degree(s), business title, grammar school, or neighbor of our parents - what is the quality of your experience when you attend a meeting?

As is happens, shared values is the best way to create and build a relationship or partnership. Businesses understand this too, since that is often one of the secondary aspects of analyzing both the risk and potential success of a merger, acquisition or other kind of partnership.
Join me at the Conscious Business Network meeting. The Primitive is a venue not to be missed. Bring your friends and your business cards and join with like-minded others in exploring the emerging territory of conscious business!

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