Three Blizzard Meditations

Being holed up in one place as a result of a blizzard can feel confining - or it can feel liberating. After you are done finding the right educational videos for your kids, and after you have spent some special time getting work done in a more focused way, there are some blizzard meditations that I highly recommend. 

The first meditation is about clearing; the second is about preparing yourself to receive your dreams; and the third is about formulating and creating your dream.

1. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths -that start from the base of your spine. 

    Now listen to the powerful, wild wind knocking at your doors and windows. Visualize yourself 
    in the center of your heart, protected and warm, yet open the cleansing possibilities of the 
    wind. Imagine now the blowing white snow through your mind, moving out all the old
    thought  about yourself that no longer work for you. Feel the wind blow out the old fears that
    get in  your way or stop you from moving in the direction of your dreams. Imagine yourself 
    powerful and clear, ready to move to a new level of life and expression. Hold those feelings 
    and send gratitude to the wind for renewing your spirit. Then open your eyes.
2. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths -that start from the base of your spine. 
    Now find yourself in the center of your heart., Notice the fire that burning, keeping you warm
    from the cold and sometimes impersonal world outside. Look into the fire and ask it to 
    show you what is best for you right now, this day. Ask it what is important to attend to or to 
    notice. Let the response come any way that is easiest for you to understand it. Stay with the 
    feeling of warmth and companionship in the cold. Thanks the fire for its information. Then 
    open your eyes.
3. Think about the things that you want but feel far away or less attainable than you prefer. 
    Take a few deep breaths -that start from the base of your spine. Bring all the dreams you 
     have for yourself into a basket in your heart. Look at each,  one at a time. As you 
     contemplate and feel the beauty of each dream, attach a stem to it and send the stem all 
     the way down to the center of the planet and anchor it securely. Watch the nurturing of 
     the Earth's energy fill it all the way up until the flower blossoms. When the bloom is full, 
     bless and thank it for its presence in your life and feel the richness of your dream. Then 
     allow it to uproot from the earth and watch it shoot into space and find its home in a star.
     Let it go and allow it to return to you in perfect timing and Divine Order in your life. Then 
     open your eyes.
And have a great blizzard day! Let me know how it goes for you!

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