The Middle East Teaching America about Peace?

Technology is informing the world about what is possible when people stand together behind a cause. The violence that is shaking the foundation of Libya cannot quell the numerous reports of the military pledging their allegiance to the protesters and taking over cities. Once people see and hear that their voices, which have been devalued and dismissed for so long, can be heard and make a difference, nothing will stop them.

The new epoch, which is upon us, insists that we align with the principles of transparency, inclusion, individual expression, and on the benefits and challenges of interconnectedness. It is deeply impressive that even in the midst of the violence in Libya, the protesters that were interviewed wanted peaceful protest.

The Middle East has been tagged, by many references, as the place out of which World War III will emerge and precede Armageddon. What is now being felt instead, is what the world looks like when people - especially youth - feel empowered by the positive example of this case Egypt. 
Maybe at the end of this painful sorting out time, we will find that the Middle East has taught the U.S. what peaceful democracy looks like, and help us to put down our guns and internal violence. Wouldn't that be a switch? The Middle East teaching America about peace.
Let's keep positive intention and prayer for the protesters who believe that a new time and way to govern is possible in Libya.

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