Shoveling to Clear the Path

I haven't had a snow day since I was 10. How about you? Isn't this fun? It's sort of like having a permission from your mom not to have to work - except for all the paper and phone work, that is.

All across Chi Town, hatted people are shoveling. There are professionals, seniors, young people and parents alike digging their way through the mountains of snow. 

A saw a man who seemed dismayed at the snowy on-going sidewalks and alleyway in front of him. 

It made me think: sometimes work feels relentless and lonely. Sometimes we feel isolated as we are doing back-hurting work - whether emotional or physical. When you shovel the walk around your house, it seems you are only doing what is your responsibility. Yet, when you finish, it benefits many more people than just you.
Others get to walk the path you forged with less struggle and resistance.Think about this: no matter how isolated you may feel. your heartfelt work is helpful to those who come after you.
So when life gets a bit lonely and depressing, keep shoveling. If we all do that, eventually we will find that our work and paths connect, and clear the way for a whole new generation.

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