Miracles and Near Death Experiences

Elizabeth Kubler Ross did breakthrough work on death and dying. Raymond Moody, M.D., was among the first to talk about research in the area of Near Death Experiences.(NDE) and the evidence for "life after life." Stories about the experience of being dead and coming back to life come from people of all races, ages, religion beliefs, and both genders, PMH Atwater has done research about the NDE of children.

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Each person's experience regarding who they see or what they do on the other side is unique, but often has common elements, such as a tunnel of light and meeting a relative, angel or the God that they worship in their religion or on their spiritual path.

One of my relatives said that he was surprised that his NDE did not include a tunnel of light or those familiar to him on The Other Side. He said he went to a waiting room with thousands of other souls who were waiting. He got the impression that he needed to sing or say a prayer When he couldn't remember one at first, he said to himself, "It's the drugs. I can't remember because of the drugs they gave me." After considerable effort, he finally remembered one and found himself back in his body. 
Here is the story of a man brought back from the dead because a Christian Cardiologist followed the prompting of Spirit.
A few days ago, a client who lost his child asked me if I really believed there was life on The Other Side. "Yes, I do," I said, "Because I talk with those on The Other Side all the time and they tell me what it is like for them. Then their loved ones confirm information I could not have known." He was finally relieved of his skepticism after his daughter came through in the Reading and gave him information that only he knew.
Do you have an NDE to report?

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