From Liberation Square - Egypt is FREE!

Transformation is a process that starts with someone challenging the status quo. A street vendor set himself on fire to protest Egypt's inequitable and disrespectful social climate.One man ignited the angry hearts of those who agreed with him, but didn't have the courage or means to speak out. There was anger and rage as crowds began to grow. All ages, men and women, demanding change. There was a moment when the world thought all was lost - Mubarak said "No". The stunned crowd grew angrier. How many people went home, sure that it was all a lost cause?

It was reported that the crowds felt that Mubarak was bating them to be violent...who would not want to be violent at this "no"? And they resisted that temptation. They said their message would be stronger if they stayed but would not be violent in their response.
Sometimes transformation goes through many waves in our own lives. We can spend a lifetime striving to change our situation or the way we behave in opposition to what we have learned or what those around us tell us is "just how it is around here." How hard it is to keep at it. How important it is find like-minded others, and help each other stay the course.
CNN reported about a moment when a small boy pulled on a soldier's sleeve and as the soldier bent down to hear him, the boy kissed him on the cheek. 
This is historic because "the will" of the people triumphed over the political corruption and position power. The Egyptian people remind us that we have the power to determine what is worth fighting for, and with persistence and a community of like-minded others, it can be attained. 
Transformation is possible for each of us and all of us!
Congratulations to the Egyptian people - let us take note!

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