Are Your Kids ADD, ADHD or Intuitively Gifted?

The National Association of Gifted Children report that gifted children are being misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD, and prescribed drugs which inhibit their ability to function and develop their gifts. In my work, it is clear that young people who are intuitive also demonstrate symptoms listed under "learning disorders."  Hear more about this at Evanston Library tomorrow night, Thursday, in my workshop for Parents of Multi-sensory Kids.

Sometimes kids act out based on their abilities to see, hear, or sense people's thoughts or feelings, the future, or who will die next - just to name a few intuitive gifts.

Intuition is a normal brain and spiritual development. Check out some non-drug options in nutrition, environment, and education

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I have lots of compassion for parents who choose medication - many of whom feel few other options - and have seen positive behavior results. In the US, 2.5 million children are prescribed psychotropic drugs for ADHD alone, and that a "small percentage, 1.8%" have died from cardiac arrest as a side effect.

If my math serves me, that "small percentage" equals 45,000 children diagnosed with ADHD alone dying from cardiac arrest as a side effect of psychotropic drugs.

If these drugs are the best strategy we can come up with when we use our logical and analytical minds to solve behavior problems, why don't we try using our common sense, intuition, and creativity for finding other ways to support learning and development in these children?

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  • If you are going to comment on serious medical conditions, you need to do so responsibly. Your quote is incorrect and out of context. The article did not say that 1.8% of children died from cardiac arrest as you suggested. It said, "The study found the rate of stimulant use in children and adolescents who died suddenly or from cardiac dysrhythmia was 1.8 percent, compared to 0.4 percent for youth who died as passengers in motor vehicle accidents." This means that 98.2% of all children who died suddenly or from cardiac dysrhythmia did not take stimulants. This study in no way means that stimulant use causes cardiac death, and it is irresponsible journalism to imply that it does. All children who are prescribed medications need to have a proper family and personal medical history taken, as well as complete physical examination. Children who have increased risk of cardiac problems at baseline (before taking medications) may need to have additional testing performed.

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