Which Voice is Your Voice?

When the Bears made their decisions today - on plays as well as in-the-moment decisions, which or whose voice did they hear and follow? Seems as though they missed the mark on those choices. So, what does it take to be clear enough to follow intuition? A friend of mine told me her thoughts:
There was lots of ice on the ground. Gina was being very careful as she held her small daughter's hand across the street. "Gee, this is dangerous!" she thought. "I ought to call my mother and tell her to stay home tomorrow...well, she is pretty conservative when it comes to safety, I'm sure she'll stay home."
The next morning, Gina dropped Ella off at school and she thought, "Ohhh, I hope my mom didn't go to Church this morning like she always does, because this ice really is dangerous."
An hour later, Gina got a call. Her mother was in the hospital after her car skid on black ice and ran into a pole. 
hen Gina remembered her conversation with herself the night before. She was sick that she hadn't listened to that voice inside her - maybe she could have prevented this accident! The thing is, she didn't know the difference between the voice of her intuition that was prompting her to call her mother and the voice of reason that dismissed that prompting as unnecessary.
Gina realized that without her regular meditation practice, the voices inside her sounded exactly the same. When Gina spent even a few minutes of silence on a regular basis, she could discern the difference. The quality of the prompting voice was more subtle, and she said it came from or through her heart. The other voice came from her head.
Her mom was not seriously injured and was released from the hospital the following day with pain medication for her bruises .
"Thank God!" Gina sighed. "What a wake up call! From now on, I am listening!"
Do you have any stories of listening to your voice - or not?

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