Fear, Physics, and Other Dimensional Realities

Brian Weiss, M.D., psychiatrist and best selling author, has written about many clients who, under hypnotherapy, tell him specific things about other lifetimes.His clients come in with strong fears or aversion to something and through hypnosis, they regress to a lifetime that sourced their fear. He walks them through the horrific situation in that lifetime, and when they wake up, their fear is gone.

Even with this kind of evidence of the power of past lives, many people feel it is too far a reach to consider such a notion,

Well, if you think that's hard to understand, try reading Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions, by Harvard Physics professor, Lisa Randall, Ph.D. who is a particle physicist. She and her colleague have determined through equations that there are many simultaneous dimensional realities occurring as we speak. Here her explain this on a Charlie Rose interview a while ago.
After working to understand the implication of Dr. Randall's research, I can say that her conclusions are assumptions that have been understood by mystics for many centuries. Randall says that our whole world may be attached to a brane (as in "membrane") of a larger reality, that causes our perspective to be limited...sort of like how a barnacle attached to a ship describes the whole Universe as it sees and experiences It.
We have a long way to go before we understand who we are and how our minds are formed and evolving. What is your theory about other lives, other dimensions and their connection to us? 


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  • Considering past lives is not too far a reach for me, Dr. Rowley, but I do tend to consider them in a more scientific than religious light. It simply makes sense to me, to my logical mind. And my personal experience has validated many past-life flashbacks, to the great benefit of my present-life health and wellbeing.
    My perspectives on other-dimensional realities are laid out in a very fun way in my new novel, "Cosmic Dancer: A Reincarnation Fantasy for Young Adults & Older Souls." Interestingly, this little story is apparently helping readers tap into other dimensional aspects of their own minds -- or so I gather from comments made by early readers. It's my conribution to what I hope will be an expanding dialogue on this notion of other-dimensional realities.

    I look forward to reading more posts from you, and checking out Lisa Randall's work! Thank you!
    Lianne Downey, Author

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