Every Thought is a Prayer - or Not

It is hard not to equate the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, and the others who were shot and killed near her, with the inflamed political rhetoric of the last several years - even if it wasn't a political operative that shot her. In any case, it' time to stop the NRA happy talk, whether from Sarah Palin or any one else, as the real consequence of gun violence is obvious. 

Is it any symbol that, according to ABC News , Chistina Greene, the 9 year old who was killed in this tragedy, was featured in the book, "9/11: The Faces of Hope", because she reminded us that beyond senseless killing, there is still the hope of new life? What are we doing for/to our children?
How does a 22 year old get his hands on an assault weapon - unless incredibly irresponsible adults allow or encourage that - even under the guise of freedom to bear arms? How can we encourage senseless killing? When someone is incredibly sad, angry, depressed and volatile, access to guns is an insane proposition. And has anyone noticed how much depression medication is consumed in the U.S.?
Every word that we say is a prayer of love for someone's heart - or it's an egocentric, greedy thought based on fear. Those thought of love or fear become beliefs that are followed by actions - with consequences. Guns may provide better profits for a number of people and may make them feel bigger and stronger, but those are not thoughts based on the Lighter side. While we all have thoughts based on love and fear on a regular basis...
guess which we take with us to The Other Side?

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