New Year's Resolutions Begin at Home!

The holidays often give us more time and space to see our relationships in a different way. Sometimes those reflections show us the contrast between what we have and what we want...and that's how New Year's Resolutions are created!

The resolutions or goals we create - whether for a better body shape, a home we have always wanted or a job that expresses our best talents - are just carrots to get us to go on that journey.

It is how we choose to love through the moment by moment opportunities on the path toward our goals that shape the quality of what it feels like when we finally arrive! Here's what I mean:

Tanya, was worried about her future after she lost her job. She envied women who were married to wealthy men and didn't have to work. Tanya decided to apply all the tools of the Law of Attraction, from vision boards to going to events to on-line dating. Within six months she found exactly the man she envisioned, right down to his hairline. They had great chemistry, Bob took good care of her, and, he was rich!

They married within a year. Tanya didn't know that Bob acquired his money in ways that were not always on the up and up. She didn't know that she would be expected to cover or lie for him when questioned by particular others. She didn't know she would have to account for every penny she spent.

If Tanya had the courage to face her financial fears, she would not have attracted at situation where finances were still connected to fear. We cannot fix our fear by attracting someone who does not have that fear."What we resist persists."

So this year, let's start with what we want, then find out whether it was fear that fueled the want. Then let's take our courage and face our fear, so that the journey will be satisfying in who we become...which will attract the reality we want - one build on courage and love.

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