Thinking Up the Future

I love that educated, tolerant Americans got to have their piece of the media for a moment. In fact, it is a good time to remember the power we have individually and collectively. Since there is no doubt anymore that reality is created and/or shaped by our thoughts, we can do a lot for our children and future generations by paying attention to what we believe and how we think.
Chinese tourists visit an amusement park featuring a giant Love display in Chongqing August 27, 2010. As China opens up to more and more international investment, businesses and culture, both its commercial and cultural landscape is changing to reflect these Western influences.  UPI/Stephen Shaver Photo via Newscom

The date 11-1-10 is an interesting set of numbers. Native Americans believed that the number "1" indicates "new beginnings." It seems that we have new power and new challenges in Congress after the election results yesterday - the day after new beginnings. 
No matter how power is positioned in Washington, we still have a everyday choice about how we contribute to the future. This is going to be tested on another auspicious date this month:11-11-10.
A group that identifies itself as a "full time, international team of physicists and
mathematicians" has as their mission "to finalize an historic discovery of how
gravity, electromagnetism, the nuclear forces, space, and consciousness are part
of the same unified field... a realm of information, where consciousness
literally interacts with geometry at the quantum scale to create everything
that we define as reality." Now there's a mouthful.
This group is proposing the largest group mind link up in history. Check it out and make your thoughts heard:    POWERFUL 11:11 GLOBAL LINK UP

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