Airline Pat Downs and Feel Ups

The U.S. Government has decided that in order to catch terrorists who have violated our laws, taken lives, and who fly on airplanes, they now have the right to terrorize and violate the speech, space, and person of all citizens who fly. What we have here is a failure of creative solutions, a completely lack of common sense, and a lack of awareness that we are becoming the enemy we are fighting.

CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 10:  A security worker with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screens a traveler September 10, 2002 in Terminal 1 at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. Over 500 new federally trained security workers took over the screening work today at security checkpoints in the airport's largest terminal, replacing workers from Argenbright Security. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

According to the Chicago Tribune, even hero pilots like Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger do not like the full body scans and  think pilots should be exempt. Never mind that we are fed up with invasive body scan ex-rays, pat downs are performed like gyno exams in front of a public audience and have little to do with security. Most of it is pure machismo - so they can assure us of what? That 60 year old women from Iowa are not hiding any terror-like substances in their underwear? The government needs a warrant to search your home, but  needs nothing to feel you up in public or see you in Playboy photo positions?

Just to walk through a traditional ex-ray machine, we are undressing to a level most people wouldn't do for an intimate friend. When I forgot I was wearing a blouse that had a metal belt buckle attached to it, (I know, duh), I asked for the wand because, based on all the clothes I had to take off to go through the ex-ray, anyone could see what the difficulty was. 
"Washington says no more wands," said Suzy Officer. "I'm going to use this side of my hand to pat down your legs and thighs and torso, and this part of my hand to pat down your breasts and crotch," she continued as she tried to hide her mortification because she knew full well this was an unnecessary invasion of my person - as it likely was for every other person she had to feel up since this insane policy was put in place. I can assure you that no man who made up these "solutions" has submitted to a pat down in a public airport.
I was not the only person crying in the women's room because of this indignity. I said many prayers for the innocent people around the world who suffer humiliation at the hands of those who have been wounded and are in power. 
Entrepreneurship and innovation were born in America - and feeling people up and body scans are the best we can do to assure airport safety???
We don't need to search out terrorists when neither you nor I are safe - physically or emotionally - because of airport security!
I suggest that the Government gather together the brightest and most innovative minds in industry to create solutions that help us with national security at airports in ways that do not violate people and their rights under the Constitution.


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  • I can hear the terrorists laughing......!!!!

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