Your Soul Lesson: Ask The Dead Guy!

When Sam, (not his real name) called for a Reading and Healing, he asked me to help him get unstuck, and also bring through his Father, who died a few years ago. As I looked at Sam's energy, I could see that he allowed others to have more power than himself in decision making. He hung back and then resented that he got the raw end of many deals - especially a recent one with his brother. 

circa 1865:  Studio portrait of Austrian psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939) as a child, standing next to his father.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

I helped him better understand how his brother was testing his power through their relationship and that Sam had more insight than he thought about their current struggle. Then it was time to bring in his Father

As a Medium, I neither see or talk with the deceased, ala Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer. As the client says someone's name, I call them in to do soul level work. I do not tell clients what color someone's hair or eyes were, nor locate where he left the will. The purpose of contact with those on The Other Side is to help the person still living to learn what is relevant to their soul. Here is an example:
When Sam's father, Jim, came through, he did not appear next to Sam, but rather away a little, like he was across the street, surrounded by building materials - apparently delighted to have all the raw material he could ask for. He had his back half way to Sam as he said that he loved him and respected the timing on his readiness to make bolder moves in his life. He wanted Sam to trust himself and his decisions and to stand up for himself.
I reported this and at the end of the Reading, Sam was disappointed. He said, "I wanted you to bring my Father through to tell me what to do about my brother." 
I said, "Your father can't give you that information because he is in the Light and only lives the truth. The truth is that your soul wants you to claim your power and use it to lead and make decisions. This is about your human homework. If your father gave you information, he might make you feel less afraid, but he would not be supporting your soul work in this lifetime." 
So if you want quick, easy answers, try a 1- 900 number!

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