Unexpected Service

LONG BEACH, CA - DECEMBER 7:  (L-R) Sharihan Abel-Rahman, Queen Noor and Malvina Goldfeld speak during the California Governor's Conference on Women and Families at the Long Beach Convention Center on December 7, 2004 in Long Beach, California.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

"Terry said she thought she could help me with a few business connections that would help me move my business into a new market," a colleague recently told me. She was late and when I asked where she drove from, she told me it was a Senior Center where she recently had to bring her mother. After talking about her research about Centers and their quality and how glad she was to have found this particular one, we went on with business." "The business connections didn't prove as helpful as I hoped. But two weeks later, my husband's father had a severe stroke and we had to make arrangements for him to go into assisted living. I knew just where to go for the research about that. It was like that side conversation with Terry was the real gift of that business meeting."

You never really know what you are doing, who you are helping or how. When we come to the table with the intent for everyone's highest good to be accomplished, even in a passing conversation, it opens the door for unexpected service and blessing.
Rather than coming from an "I know" script because the conversation feels so familiar, or rather than be attached to the outcome we presume should be forthcoming, choose to be present with what might want to happen - and be an unexpected blessing for someone else! 

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