The Business of Soul Lessons

Intuition and self-reflection are leadership necessities because Business is a theater for soul lessons. These days companies change as fast and often as Google designs over it's logo -which is the perfect setting for increasing intuitive intelligence as well as providing unexpected and swift leadership challenges.

SAN DIEGO, CA - AUGUST 18:  The home page shows the Athens 2004 Olympics version of the Google logo on an internet-connected computer on August 18, 2004 in San Diego, California. Google modifies its clickable logo for holidays and special occasions. Google has slashed the price range for its initial public offering by more than 20 percent as demand for the debut of the search engine's stock flounders. The company also announced that its existing shareholders would be selling significantly fewer shares to the public because of the lower price.  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

One CEO, Bob, whose company manufactures facilities construction material, innovated a new eco-product line in the last few years that is in high demand from a non-traditional customer base. Bob is now expected to lead discussions with diverse vendors for multi-year facilities projects rather than be the vendor who creates specs and fulfills traditional orders for raw materials. He is a strong, talented, and more passive leader.
Bob's Intuitive Reading was to help him shift his  "you first", "you're more important than me" style that made him successful in the past. Bob could have taken a leadership or assertiveness training course. However, that wouldn't help. 
This is about soul level work. In an Intuitive Reading, in one of Bob's "past lives," (or "stories" if you don't believe in those) he was a General who dictated directives with self-righteous certainty. Because he didn't believe anyone else was worth listening to, he missed important information that came to him, and lost his entire battalion in combat. As he lay dying, Bob became aware that his belief about his own power was misplaced and cost many lives as well as the battle. His decision was to trust others as leaders more than himself, and downplay his power because it was dangerous. 
As a business leader, Bob has sometimes allowed others to "invade" his space. He does not easily address conflict so some employees stay in their positions longer than is healthy for the company or the persons involved. He doesn't like to rush into anything, lest he make costly mistakes. 

Business is the motivator that brought to Bob's doorstep questions about his power that he had to address to be successful.
Bob forgave himself, and released his core belief and associated fear. He chose "replacement beliefs": "I trust myself to use my power to listen authentically and take the lead in my conviction; and I allow mistakes to inform and enhance my leadership."
Bob is now more able and more comfortable in his new style of leadership. As a result, his company's projected sales are the highest in the last 7 years. 
Leaders' commitment to their personal growth has a direct correlation to the bottom line. 

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