Money, Happiness, and Intuition

In her book, Money and Happiness, Yahoo Finance Expert, Laura Rowley says that knowing your values is what creates the real value of money in your life.

A bank employee counts U.S. hundred dollar bills at Kasikornbank in Bangkok October 12, 2010. The Thai government agreed on Tuesday to impose a 15 percent withholding tax on interest and capital gains earned by foreign investors on Thai bonds, the latest bid by an emerging economy to tame its surging currency. From export-dependent Thailand to fast-growing China and Brazil, governments are moving to rein in their currencies as investors, turning their backs on low interest rates in the developed world, pour money into higher-yielding markets. REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang (THAILAND - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS)

I met a man, Ed, in New York whose passion was spending time with his growing family. Ed told me, "Several years ago I decided that either this intuitive stuff works or it doesn't. I decided to find out. So I packed up my family and we spent a year on an island in the Caribbean. Every day I would lie on the hammock and breathe.  I would clear my mind and wait."

"At some point, I would get a hit about a stock or bond I should invest in or sell. I completely trusted this guidance. I fired up my computer, bought or sold a stock or bond, and that was it for the day. The rest of the day I enjoyed my family. I did this every day for a year, and then I had enough money to retire. " 

Nathan, an older gentleman I met when facilitating a workshop a few years ago, was from England. He told me that he and his wife, Marilyn, lived in a little row house in a moderate part of town they bought after they were newly married. They had no children. Every week he and Marilyn played cards with the neighbors, attended local events, took out library books, and enjoyed their peaceful life.  

Through a business opportunity that came his way, he learned that he was good at turning businesses around.  Thereafter, Nathan used his intuition to decide which businesses to buy, where he could make a positive difference in the lives of workers, and also make a handsome profit.  His wife and he would sit down together and use their collective intuition to decide what charity they wanted to enrich. Nathan said he made a million dollars with his second business turnaround. He and his wife decided to keep only the modest salary he always made and give away the rest. He made many millions on each new business turnaround and continued to give away all but his initial salary for thirty years.

Nathan and Marilyn still plays cards with their neighbors. They live in the same row house and drive an economy car. "The greatest joy Marilyn and I have in our lives is choosing the charity who will receive their next million and then giving it away. What could be more fun?"

However you play your intuition in business, wrap your values around it. It's not all about making money - it's how you feel about it and the quality of life you are choosing that makes the difference. 


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