Missing the Deceased? Haunted House? Call Your Local Medium!

Mediums come in all shapes, sizes, and missions. Some work with police to find missing persons,or assist in crime and justice because their intuitive information comes in the form of specific physical objects, places, and people. Others work with ghosts and their mission is to "cross them over" into the Light, as ably illustrated by Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer. Their information comes in the form of seeing, hearing or sensing energy that is dark, cold, or disturbed.

An American Halloween greetings card depicting a woman being frightened by a Halloween trick, circa 1910. The text reads 'Halloween Greetings'. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

My mission as a medium has to do with helping clients as part of a more complex healing - when clients want to understand the purpose of or are stuck regarding a relationship with someone who has passed. I deal more with emotional, psychological and spiritual information.

Then there are specialist who help people get in touch with their deceased relative for the purpose of saying "hello" and finding out simple information.  

In this category, some mediums are hot and some mediums are not. Quality does not always depend on age and experience. Take Katie Starnes for example. She is young and focused exclusively on her work as a medium. She goes through a number of descriptors to assure that she has contacted the right person or persons on The Other Side. She offers key bits of information that just stick with you.

Haunted House? Guess what? Katie also works with a circle of mediums who clear haunted houses for a donation to a children's or animal shelter charity! How's that for giving back?

It's Halloween time. Give your deceased relative a call today!

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