Five Ways to Help Kids who Sense Bad Spirits

In the show, Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal , young people report that they are frightened because they see and sense ghosts or spirits. Their parents feel helpless to protect them. Besides being validated by an older man who is psychic and who accompanies young people to haunted places - which is what happens in the show - there is another way for youth to experience sensitivity to spirits as a gift rather than a curse.BRISTOL, ENGLAND - APRIL 29: Rain drops fall on a angel statue in Arnos Vale cemetery on April 29, 2010 in Bristol, England. Described as one of Britain s finest Victorian garden cemeteries the 45 acre city centre site was officially opened today following a GBP 5m project to restore its historic grounds, monuments and buildings. Since it opened in 1839 nearly 300,000 people have been laid to rest in Arnos Vale and the restoration ends years of neglect and threat of redevelopment. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

When there is a presence that feels dark or bad, as was described to me by a 7 year old this weekend,call on the angels, gods, guides or Deity that your religious or spiritual tradition believes. Everyone has personal portal to the Divine, and each one is unique - whether or not it is used. Children and young people who sense the presence of entities needs to know they have an ally who is bigger and more powerful than them and the bad entities. For young children, here are a few suggestions:
  1. Call on Archangel Michael, who has a sword that he uses to protect you from harm. 
  2. Sing the musical scale and explain that the "bad" spirits like to hang out in the low notes, and the kind and good spirits like to hang out in the high notes. The idea is to make the whole house feel like the high notes. Sing hymns or a sacred songs.
  3. Sage is helpful. Make up a little song like, "You have to leave now; you are not welcome; leave now and go into the Light." 
  4. Just for fun, make a conga line through the house sending out the bad energies while saging and singing. The more laughter and play there is in the house, the less comfortable the lower or fearful vibrations/ghosts/spirits feel. 
  5. Pray for the spirits. Let the kids know that all the bad spirits were good people who felt sad and scared inside and made a lot of poor choices. When we pray for them not to feel sad and scared, they may get better or run for the hills.
Then ask Archangel Michael to guard the windows and doors and tell your children to "sleep with the angels".

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