The Fall of Management!

Intuition is a necessary skill for business leaders today. Alan Murray, author of The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management, says that in 2010 "modern management is nearing its existential moment." 
Matthew Katz (L), Managing Director and Retail Practice leader for AlixPartners, looks on as Janet Hoffman, Global Managing Director for Accenture's Retail practice, speaks at the 2010 Reuters Consumer and Retail Summit in New York, June 22, 2010. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS)

With the speed of globalization, innovation, and technological capacity, we can become anything we want. We have come to a point where we truly can create our own reality in business as well as in life.

While intuition is an essential ingredient, it is not the only one needed for business success.

 I consulted with one entrepreneur that went on a retreat every time there was a significant strategic decision to make. He was operating out of fear because he could not trust the others' recommendations. He did not have enough information to ask intelligent questions regarding recommendations he received. He could not be in alignment between his intuition and his head, because his head was not well enough informed.

There are other leaders who are so unaware of their intuitive intelligence, they cost the company both time and resource in making poor, but logical strategic choices. 

Jen Weigel is talking about intuition at work in her new column at TribU. Check it out!

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