Mayor and Mrs. Daley and Gut Level Leadership

Mayor Daley - now there is a man who works from his intuition! His gut hasn't always won him widespread affection, but it built one beautiful city. 

Leadership wears many faces. Mayor Daley has always been short on eloquence, and strong on taking action. And Maggie Daley has definitely been the brains and beauty beside the man.

LONDON - OCTOBER 19:  Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley and his wife Margaret pose for a photograph outside of 10 Downing Street on October 19, 2006 in London, England. Mr Blair was due to chair a meeting of UK mayors, arranged as part of the local government network.  (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

I had the privilege of consulting with an organization that was headed by Maggie Daley. From that experience, I learned about her brilliance as well as her sharp intuition on how to powerfully connect people. In her presence, you know that things will get done - and done well. Blended with her authentic caring and strength, it was clear to me how Mayor Daley could be successfully elected so many times. 

More recently survival strategies have overshadowed even good gut decisions - can you spell "c-a-r  f-e-e-s" and p-a-r-k-i-n-g"? Yet, for all the Officer Friendlies who have become Officer Vultures, hunting for revenue kills to fill quotas, Daley has left a legacy for Chicago as an internationally known gateway to the world.

Floral arrangements grace our highways, the lake front is still open and richer in fun and friendly sports, and the block parties are inclusive - to name but a few of the hundreds of ways Chicago is a special city. And, we have a long way to go to move out the corruption that has been part of Chicago's historic culture, but on Mayor Daley's watch, with Maggie Daley by his side, we have become a best in class city. 

Thank you, Mayor and Mrs. Daley. Chicago definitely won't be the same without you.

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