Four Ways to Deal with Overpowering People

Often in Readings, I see that someone feels overpowered by another. When you experience someone as "overpowering", that means that you have left your power behind somewhere and that's why the other person looks so big to you. You leave power behind when you feel fear and determine you are smaller than someone else or a situation. When another person looks "scary", it means he is scared and is covering it up with anger - and often self righteousness. 
Feeling that you must hold it together or defend yourself or stand up to him comes from a belief that you are in trouble - so you will attract trouble so that you can hold it together, defend or stand up to someone.

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1950s:  Portrait of angry mature man.  (Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

Here are more productive responses:

  1. Recognize that their scary behavior means they are sad and scared inside. That thought immediately shifts the balance of power because you stop cowering and wanting to defend yourself or return their anger 
  2. Focus entirely on Light coming through the top of your head and out your heart into his heart. When you do this, you are healing the part of you that is scared that looks like him.
  3. Say "hello" and "thank you!" to the parts of YOU that want to punch him or return in kind his behavior. If you validate those angry voices for doing their job, they relax. If you are hard on yourself for having those feelings and thoughts, they will get louder and make you just like him. Those feelings are just trying to do their job - to tell you that something here that feels scary.
  4. Validate your attempts to act on the first three steps, no matter what happens. There is no success or failure - this is the practice of love - it only evolves. 

As you practice these four steps, your ability to diffuse situations both for yourself and others increases, and so does your power.


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