Whose Voices are in Your Head?

This weekend, I stayed at a mansion in the Northeast that is noted for being haunted. While I did not allow any haunting to disturb my wonderful time, I met a man who lived and worked on the property who said he has a lot of voices in his head that are persistent and intense. The only thing that got rid of them, he said, was to go fishing out in the middle of the Bay.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 17:  Dancer Sarah-Jayne Howard performs at the dress rehearsal for Australian director, choreographer and designer Meryl Tankard's Kaidan - A Ghost Story, at the Sydney Opera House on January 17, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. The dance workis based on the story 'Of A Mirror And A Bell' by Irish author Lafcadio Hearn, and forms parts of the Sydney Festival 2007.  (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)

This man was not consciously attending to his life. He allowed distractions and checklists to fill his days, and he talked a lot about memories rather than staying in the present. He was literally being "haunted" by these voices. These were the "ghosts" that hung around the mansion, that were, as they say in Ireland "living in his ear". He seemed not to connect the dots between leaving the mansion and being entirely surrounded by peaceful water and the voices in his head clearing.

Here's the thing: each of us has free will. If we don't use ours, someone or something else can use their's to override our best judgment. If you spend your days chasing distraction, unconsciously feeding self doubt, or feeling afraid, there are other spirits, ghosts, entities or invisible attachments by any other name, that are quite interested in having your human experience in your conscious absence.
I relayed these things to the man and recommended he read Mary Winkowski's book, When Ghosts Speak. Then I made up a prayer for him to say day and night. The prayer is this:
"I ask the God of my Heart for full protection at every level of my being. I command, in the name of Love, any voices or spirits that are not mine or for my highest good, to leave me and my dwelling, and to go into the Light."  I suggested he stay still and imagine the Light all around him.
The man was grateful. In addition to wondering what to do about these voices, the energy he has spent worrying that he is crazy now has a positive direction and intention. 
Keeping conscious of the authority of your heart is the best way to assure you stay on purpose.
Let the voice in your head be connected to your heart, and may it be the Voice of Love - by your own free will and command.

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