Which Healing Practice is Most Effective?

A client recently told me she was learning Healing Touch Therapy, and was amazed at how well it worked in calming and healing others. How often people say that about a particular method of healing. I told my client that it wasn't the methodology that made it work. It was her.

 404087 02: The hand of seventeen-year-old Emily Simon, who suffers from Crohns disease, is seen as Dr. Charles Dumont, pediatric gastroenterologist at Loyolas childrens hospital and director of Loyolas Pediatric Complementary/Alternative Medicine, applies small metal pellets placed on specific acupuncture points April 17, 2002 at the Loyola Oakbrook Medical Center in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. The Complimentary/Alternative Medicine Program of the Ronald McDonald Childrens Hospital of Loyola University Medical Center has been successful in treating a number of chronic medical conditions using acupuncture techniques. The medical team uses a modified form of acupuncture, Korean hand acupuncture, which does not require the use of needles. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

What I know about this client is that she has walked through horrific tragedy , determined to go on in the hardest of times,  working through denial, anger, sorrow and self pity - choosing to find Spirit in and through it all.

When you do that, you become a strong healing force for many - whether or not you study any particular healing practice. That's how it works.  It wouldn't really matter if you learned hocus pocus - it would work because of who you are and the intent to work in spirit and love.

Remembering that the Spirit of Love makes it work, keeps us from competing about which tools work better, and it also keeps us from worshipping the tools we invent. We invent healing methods and tools to help us focus and remember that we are vessels of Light and love. Worship the Source, Whoever that is for you, and not the tool, resource, or practitioner.

I think when you are ready to commit to another level of life, whatever method you stumble upon will be the one that works, despite it or anything else not working until that point. It is your readiness, not the technique that supports release of the old and unhelpful.

 Spirit can use anything, anytime, anywhere.  All She needs is our request and invitation. With that alone, She blesses the most mundane conversation or the dullest of tools.

Intend Through Source and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

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