Picture This

My six year old daughter asked me if I had clients yesterday morining. I said, "No, I was writing my book. I'm going to be an author." She replied, "Who is going to draw the pictures for your book?" I said, "There aren't going to be any pictures in my book." She replied gently, "Mom, maybe when you're older, you can write a real book with pictures.And maybe you could make it a chapter book."

MUNICH, GERMANY - MAY 07: Gerd Strehle and his daughter Viktoria Strehle attend the Strenesse book presentation 'Die Spieler' by German photographer Ellen von Unwerth on May 7, 2010 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)

Hmmm...Then I thought, she right. Adults need pictures too. Maybe that's why Facebook and Skype have become so popular. We don't just want to know things about each other, we want to "imaginate", as Ana would say, what the other person is thinking and feeling and experiencing.

So now I'm considering not waiting until I grow up to write a picture-chapter book!
As I looked in the rear view mirror on our way to Camp, I said, "Ana, your friend Zoe wants to have a playdate with you on Sunday. Would you like that?" 
"I can't", she replied flatly.
"Why not?" I asked as I mentally flipped through what commitments I may have forgotten.
"Because," she said, "I have clients." 
Kids these days...

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