Keep in Touch

Most of us start our careers at the bottom of the rung, doing tasks that are anything but glamorous. As we mature in our careers, if we are very successful, we begin to hang out with like minded professionals and the world can get narrow very quickly.

 One of my clients was a fast rising star and is now in an elite class. In addition to some suggestions about his business, I found myself making a very curious suggestion.
ITAR-TASS 52: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. SEPTEMBER 1. Russian president Dmitry Medvedev (R) chats with a disabled girl in a wheelchair at Moscow's School No 518, on 1 September, the Day of Knowledge. (Photo ITAR-TASS / Mikhail Klimentyev) Photo via Newscom

I suggested that he volunteer in direct relationship with someone who "could not be fixed". What does that mean? It means offering time and service to someone who is in hospice, who is in a wheelchair, who has different intelligences that most. It means being in touch with a situation where your worldly power means nothing so you can see the truth about power.

It means you cannot give money, advice, or find a "cure" to change their situation. That helps keep you in touch with your vulnerable inner self- the part cannot be manipulated on the outside. It helps you stay in tuned with the power of the invisible inside of you. Those who have outer limitations enhance humility, redefine courage, and help you remember that no matter how successful you are, life is fragile. To stay in touch with those who are very different than you, is to remember our common humanity and could be one of the most memorable relationships in your life.
We are all one - whether our limitation is on the inside or outside. So keep in touch!

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