You've got to be kidding. Really???  I don't think Blago and his antics have been weighing in at court. The theater of the Blago trial has been less about justice and more about the inside of historic Chicago politics,  Blago is part of the long history of machine politics that relies on back room deals and tit for tat trading that has made the "vote early and often" motto Chicago's benchmark for "how we do things around here."I've heard many Chicagoans wonder out loud  how Blago was dumb enough to let the law his back room.

17 August 2010 - New York, NY - Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was found guilty on Tuesday of making a false statement to the FBI. The jury said it was hung on the other 23 counts against him. FILE PHOTO 23 May 2010 -New York, NY - Rod Blagojevich. The Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 Finale after Party at Trump SoHo. Photo Credit:Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia

When "everybody does it" we can lose our way - the one that keeps us clear-headed and accountable for our actions.

It is hard to find integrity and honor within the ranks of a system that depends on sound bite popularity. It's got to be hard to be a politician and stand in the face of losing one's job because one is doing the right thing -  while constituents are voting for their individual preferences that have nothing to do with morality or ethics or justice. Truth is something that we know in our hearts - and yet, we let our heads do the talking.

For example, Congress turned down a bill to supply health coverage to 9/11 heroes because it included increasing taxes to pay for it by closing a loophole for foreign corporations who are doing business in the U.S. Are we guilty-ish of caring more about the importance of our independence than the fact of our interdependence? How hard is it to figure out the right thing to do? You don't need intuition or paranormal skills to answer these questions. 
When we get to the Other Side, whether we have just one life or many, what we do, how we behave, and what we choose in truth matters. Maybe those who voted to ban health care for 9/11 heroes will get to change places with them and find out what it is like on "The Other Side" of the issue.

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