Ghosts that Wait

Ghosts that Wait

Maria just told me about her recent experience of dying and coming back to life. She said she encountered 300 spirits who were "waiting". "Waiting for what?" I asked. She replied, "I don't know, but they had to wait, and I knew when I woke up it was important to tell you that they are there." 

Employees dressed in ghost costumes of the ghost house Welcome to Scream Out wait for customers in Taipei, August 11, 2010. The ghost house Welcome to Scream Out is from Japan and will be held in Taiwan from August 4 to September 9, 2010 to go with the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. The Hungry Ghost Festival started on August 10 and ends on September 7 with traditional Chinese operas, puppet shows and concerts by believers to appease the roaming spirits. REUTERS/Pichi Chuang (TAIWAN - Tags: SOCIETY)

We call the place between earth and The Light by many names - the Underworld, Purgatory, Limbo, or the place where Ghosts hang out. 

These spirits are waiting for resolution to incomplete business, or they are waiting to better understand their choices or they do not want to or know that self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others is essential to move on. 

Then Maria said,  "When I was under the water with all those spirits, it came to me that I had to put together love and prayer - and it took me a long time to figure out why I had to do that and how. I finally remembered a prayer and said it - and I was back in my body" 

I said, "Love is what we are and it is all around us. Prayer is an act of will that each of us has the option of using or not. Love cannot be realized without our invitation - through requesting it, through prayer."

"Ah", she said, "Now I get it."

All of us have the option to use our free will to request that those who are "waiting" be freed through forgiveness and love. That's why so many religions encourage us to pray for the dead. We are powerful beings. Let's use our power to help others move on.

All we have to do is ask.

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