A Fork in the Road

Jen and I were right on time for our airplane. We started down the road practically singing, when suddenly, in front of us were two signs, forcing us to choose one direction or the other, neither of which mentioned our destination. ARGHHH!. So we picked one and within a few miles, decided we had picked the wrong one. We turned around but then wondered if the other road was indeed the right one. That's when the worry about getting to the airport on time began.

36054 PASADENA CALIFORNIA November 25, 2009 A giant 18 feet wooden fork, painted to look like stainless steel, is attracting attention from the streets of Pasadena, California where it was planted and globally as word spreads of Guerrilla Art The Fork was an elaborate 75th birthday prank pulled by local artist Ken Marshall and other friends of Bob Stane, owner of Altadena's Coffee Gallery Backstage. It has amused locals, attracted a few detractors, and found Internet fans as far away as New Zealand.Unless a city engineering report shows it's a public danger, the Fork in the Road will stay at the fork in the road at St. John and Pasadena avenues for at least the next six months. Stane confirmed that his friends, in full Caltrans uniform complete with helmets and lights, dug the hole in dead of night. and said the fork in the road may end up in the Guinness Book of World Records. I hope it will be in many movies - the `Pasadena Fork in the Road, ' he said. Even if we're going to be arrested, I think we've added something to the community. Photograph: Paul Harris © PacificCoastNews.com

Desperately trying to stay positive and talk to angels, eventually turned into: "how could you do this to us when we have a plane to catch?" Clearly we did everything right, including getting two maps from our friend - which apparenlty missed some crucial turning points.

Have you ever done that in your life? You feel prepared, you are working things out as best you can, and then suddenly there is this crossroad -  and the consequences of your choice are not clear. The only thing you do know is that if you are wrong, it will cost you, and you might not have time to make a better decision.
A clue for the spiritually inclined: Spirit/God made time and space. Give the pressure of the not enough time and wrong choice none of your power. Say "Thank you for perfect timing and Divine Order," no matter what you see, feel and know. If necessary, just believe the impossible situation in front of you is there to test your faith or build that muscle of belief. 
Jen and I said our "thank you's" in between doubting, moaning, and complaining at not having the smooth, flowing ride to which we felt entitled. We were cutting it so close by the time we breathlessly arrived at our gate, that we may well have been late - except that the plane was delayed....
Funny how that works...and trust me, it works.

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