New York City Triathlon's Chicago Hero

Anyone feeling depressed? Low energy? Feel like you can't get to that next goal, no matter how small or close the distance? Well, I have just the thing to help! Take a LOOK ! (especially at the forth row of photos)

NEW YORK - JULY 18: An athletes crosses the finish line during the New York City Triathlon on July 18, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Dario Cantatore/Getty Images)

Israel Antonio, a client who has given me permission to publish his name, has a new story to inspire any us couch potatoes. 

His might be the story about one of those special tri-athletes that make most of us want to find the comics and keep our heads down. The thing is, last time Israel did this, it was his first time. He wasn't a swimmer or a runner or a biker. He just decided to try. And he did it. It was the kind of accomplishment that would make any of us proud just to survive and complete. I would want to put that trophy on my mantle, admire it daily, and go back to my "normal" life.

Well, not Israel. 

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Israel is blind?

Here is his recount of his second New York City Triathlon:

"I have returned from  New York, where 10 days of anxiety/panic attacks about the swim were put aside the second I jumped into the Hudson River to swim the mile, bike 25 miles along Hudson Highway, and run 6.2 miles around Central Park guided by film producer/actor, Brendan."

"I shattered my swim finish time by 40% and overall  race finish by a stunning 48 minutes... (My) favorite moment, besides finishing the swim, was the final spectacular sprint to the finish line. The crowd, which was cheering me on, suddenly erupted into the loudest thunderous roar I had ever heard, as I took off to close the show with a dead sprint into the lens of the cameraman kneeling down at the finish line!!!" 

Israel is unstoppable. Facing fear, terror, panic and all manner of desire to beg out of the risks, he keeps showing us what courage looks like and all that is possible in a life well lived. 

Congratulations, Israel!!!


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  • Thank you Therese for such glowing praise. Some times, I am guilty of attempting certain thing without thinking it through such as agreeing to race another triathlon when I am not a strong swimmer, but then I experience such a wonderful rush of excitement from being in the Hudson, riding along Hudson Highway, and running around Central Park guided by a wonderful triathlete and now friend, Brendan as well as receiving so much from other triathletes, race volunteers, and spectators that I realize, those are all reasons why I seize opportunities like this. To am living life to its fullest!

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