Life is an Inside-Out Job

What if everything we experience in our lives on the outside are meant to be clues to help us progress in understanding, compassion and wholeness on the inside? In other words, everything that looks and feels real to our five senses are merely symbols, meant to lead us to a more "real," inner world. After all, the outer world lasts just over 100 years if you're lucky... but that inner world - it's forever.

EL CENTRO, CA - JULY 31:  The Memory Gardens Cemetery and Memorial Park lies neglected and in foreclosure on July 31, 2009 north of El Centro, California. Business and home owners have been hit hard with foreclosure in the El Centro area. Imperial County is one of the richest food producing regions in the US yet one out of four people are unable to find work, making it one of the most-effected regions for unemployment in the US. El Centro is 90 miles east of San Diego and 12 miles north of the US-Mexico border town of Calexico.  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

If that were true, and we really believed it, then we would behave differently, perceive differently, interpret differently and reflect differently.
Sue was having a problem with a co-worker.  Amie was 15 years younger, and hired right into middle management. Amie came off as a "know it all", despite little industry experience. She resented help, yet she regularly made mistakes that negatively impacted Sue and others. Even after several months, the boss wanted to give Amie more time to "adjust." Sue said "This girl doesn't want to learn. She wants to be seen as important"
Sue got so fed up that she applied for a legal job in Death Valley, CA. The photos from the website showed a beautiful area around the office complex. This position would be a positive change and she could finally get away from the chaos that Amie created, as well as her impossible interactions. Sue was happy with herself for being proactive about what would make her happier, and welcomed the potential change.
To assure herself this was the right move, Sue drove to Death Valley to poke around. There, she had a rude awakening. Websites, like movie trailers, often show you the best five minutes you'll experience. Within minutes, Sue knew this was all wrong - she couldn't live here. How could this be? After all, she was doing all the right things to support her happiness! She felt angry and resentful. "How about a little Spiritual support here, huh?" she complained.
When Sue finally took some time to reflect, she came to a different conclusion.  "Amie is like a part of me that likes an audience and approval based on my status in the organization."
"Amie is in my life to show me what that part of me looks like. I can't run away anymore. Maybe Spirit is asking me to face myself and this is what that looks like. " Sue sent forgiveness and compassion to that part of herself, and then extended it to Amie in her thoughts. 
The next day she went back to work and - lo and behold - (and I am so not making this up!) Amie said she had been secretly interviewing, was unhappy about how people were treating her, and had accepted a position in Death Valley!!! 
Sue laughed. "That part of me is 'dying', that's for sure! As soon as I stopped running away and chose to accept this part of me and Amie, everything changed. 
"This whole 'new job opportunity' was really a set up for me to find, reclaim, forgive and release that insecure part of myself. I'm going to sent that girl some gratitude."
Life is an inside out job...

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