Teach Kids to Apply Their Differences

Don't call them "disordered" unless you really believe you are incredibly "ordered" and can clearly define what that means. Kids that are not fitting in, kids that live outside the realm of a tradition that has been set up to repeat the past rather than solve the current and future challenges, need to know they are different for a very good reason. They are here to address our oil spills and energy crises and abject poverty. And if they are the same as most of us, they - and we - won't live long enough to collect a proud, traditional paycheck.

35017, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Monday October 19, 2009. Two young schoolboys cash in on the crowd of X Factor fans waiting outside the contestants' home by setting up a small concession stand selling candy bars and soft drinks. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com Cameron Herold encourages us to set these kids up to be entrepreneurs - if that is their leaning - from the time they are very young.

I met a young man who loved to travel to remote places. He went to Rwanda and slept where they slept and ate what they ate - when they ate. He saw the desperate need for sanitation - because they were bathing and washing clothes in the water they were also drinking. Putting his engineering degree to work, he invented a filter that would work in their community. Through Engineers without Borders, he installed that filter and saved a generation.
Only by paying attention to what moves us, and applying the gifts we love to develop and share, can we find our collective way to a brilliant future.
What stirs your soul? What do you love to do?

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