Let's Have a Severe Thunderstorm

While it is prudent for the sake of future generations to keep reducing our carbon footprint and finding simpler ways to live, I believe there is an urgency in these days to clear out our personal pasts - to leave, release or burn old baggage, and arrive safely in present time. This 91 year old yoga instructor, (a link sent to me by the creative, Lynn Staudacher, who is an author, teacher and astrologer,) says it beautifully: "I don't think about age or how long I'm going to live. I want to live every moment...every morning...rise with the sun..."
Lightning streaks across the sky in Buenos Aires during a thunderstorm April 18, 2010. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci (ARGENTINA - Tags: ENVIRONMENT)

So much of our physical misalignment is reflected by what we have left behind - unprocessed, unwanted, yet still awaiting an owner to deal with it. When life is busy, and we do not have time to feel, those unmet emotions stay alive in our tissues, our joints, our muscles. Our colon is the first place that unresolved feelings settle - and it is the place, according to the Royal Society of Medicine in the U.K., from which 90% of all chronic diseases begin.     
The most important place to begin, is the step of affording ourselves the rarest of commodities: time and space that are quiet and unfilled. Like the grief process, it is not until all the visitors return to their respective homes and the "thank you's" are written that the quiet begins to work on us. Nature abhors a vacuum, so eventually, what is within will find expression. Painful as that may be, it cleans us out - like the wild rainstorm that is throwing fits of rain at my windows right now. It is called a "severe thunderstorm." Children know about these kinds of fits because they have no filters that tell them they are unseemly.
Perhaps it is time for all of us to find a safe space to have a severe thunderstorm of our own...and then feel the peaceful, wet results in present time.

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