Let's Create a Miracle around the Gulf Oil Spill

I can barely look at the BP logo or tune into reports on the Gulf Coast oil spill without feeling physically weak. Allowing myself to even contemplate the impact of this disaster feels like a really bad idea for achieving any kind of productivity in my day. But, then I thought about the power of the collective and was reminded by a friend of mine about the possibilities for miracles.

Gulf Coast Struggles With Oil Spill And Its Economic Costs

Josie knows scientists who are working on the spill. She told me that the scientists had mapped out the logical path of the oil's destruction of the ecosystem. Then suddenly, they said there was a phenomenon of the waves of the ocean swirling in an unusual pattern that was helping to contain some of the extended spill. They were baffled.
One of the scientists knew that there were shamans around the world in indigenous cultures praying for the ocean. He wondered...
Which made me wonder. Let's see. If we have been buying The Secret to the tune of millions of copies; and/or we believe in creating our own reality; and/or we believe in visualization or the power of prayer; and/or we have read about the reduction in crime due to transcendental meditation, then what are we waiting for????
Let's get on our knees and share this moment - asking for the power of a collective miracle to bless the earth and ocean and create a way for us to save the ecosystem! Are you with me?!

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