Dedicate, Dedicate, Dedicate

When we experience gut wrenching, can't-believe-it's-happening-to-me (especially-considering-how-conscious-and-what-a-generally-good-person-I-am) kind of season in life, sometimes it's hard to stay faithful to our chosen path and it's challenging to stay clear of life-sapping cynicism. However, there is a way that in such a season, you become a touch point for healing in the world.

A man clutches his head in pain, circa 1950. (Photo by FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

When situations result in dire consequences for our lives and others, it's hard to maintain a belief in a Loving Creator, whether it's financial disaster; impact from an accident; a spouse's or loved one's unfortunate choices; relationship to someone who died too soon; or a child with learning challenges. As we bump along trying to find our way, here is another perspective for consideration:
Dedicate the pain, as well as your attempts to be true to yourself and your Spirit, to the person you most blame for the situation. If there is no one to blame, find a person you love and dedicate it to their joy or healing. Energetically speaking, this is one of the most powerful intentions or prayers. 
Here's why: when you are in pain, when you are all filled up with "this is just too much," and then you choose to dedicate an intention in Love or Light to someone else, in addition to "loving your enemy and doing good to those who hurt you," you experience the true meaning of alchemy.
By the power invested in you as a Master of all your choices through free will, you have just chosen to turn darkness into Light. You have just turned that deep, gut wrenching, hopeless-feeling pain into powerful intention for other(s). Since we are all One, that unequivocally comes back to you for your healing. 
And here's the most incredible part: When you dedicate your process of moving through the pain - not knowing when it will end or how it can - to family members on The Other Side, I have energetically Seen ancestors thanking those who do this - as they are set free. Maybe the pain you are feeling is the one that your ancestors felt before, but had not been able to address or were too fearful or ignorant to face.
The lineage lights up and the transformation has had its effect for many generations that came before you, and then it becomes a blessing for those who come after you. What power we all have to influence the past and future!
When you stay through pain, insist over and over that it be dedicated for the highest good of anyone of your choosing, eventually you will find peace, and so will those who were privileged to be at the other end of your prayer. 
Try it. 

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